13天10晚 意大利, 瑞士 ,法国浪漫的之旅



• Rome - Italy's capital , an amazing open air museum.

Florence  ( UNESCO ) - The birthplace of Italian Renaissance ,, with its stunning architecture, world-renowned art museums, rich history, and iconic cultural landmarks

Venice - Known also as the “City of Canals“, is arguably one of Italy's most picturesque cities

Designer Outlet Noventa Di Piave - Indulge yourself with discounted prices on Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga and many more brands

Milan - A city for all, and its elegant vibe and hidden corners make it one great city to explore

Lucerne - Popular city in Switzerland , known for its medieval architecture and on the edge of Lake Lucerne 

Glacier 3000 - Guaranteed snow year-round ,  breathtaking alpine scenery , Instagramable photo spots, and unique thrills…

Titisee - Neustadt -  The fame little town in Black Forest ,  Germany 

Riquewihr  - The fairytale medieval village surrounded by vineyards and also the inspiration of Beauty and the Beast.  Over here , do enjoy wine tasting. 

Paris - The city known for Arts, fashion and culture , and also known as  one of the most romantic city in the world

10 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 6 Dinners

• 4 Course Florentine Steak Dinner with Red Wine
• 3 Course Swiss Fondue Dinner
• Pork Knuckle Dinner with Black Forest Cake
• French Dinner with wine


罗马 - 意大利的首都
佛罗伦萨(联合国教科文组织)--意大利文艺复兴的发源地 , 拥有令人惊叹的建筑、世界知名的艺术博物馆、丰富的历史和标志性的文化地标
威尼斯 - 也被称为 "运河之城",可以说是意大利最美丽的城市之一
诺文塔直销商城 - 名牌设计师折扣商场
米兰 - 其优雅的氛围使它成为一个值得探索的伟大城市
卢塞恩- 瑞士的出名城市,以其中世纪建筑而闻名,位于卢塞恩湖边
冰川3000 - 全年呈现的皑皑雪景,摄人心魄的高山风光,赫赫有名的特色建筑,Instagram网红拍照打卡地,俱在美丽绝伦的冰川3000
蒂蒂湖 - 新鎮 - 德国黑森林中著名的小镇
里克维尔- 被葡萄园包围的童话般的中世纪村庄,在此享受品酒
巴黎 - 以艺术、时尚和文化闻名世界的法国城市 , 也是世界上最浪漫的城市之一


• 4道意式牛排+ 红酒晚餐 
• 瑞士火锅晚餐
• 德式猪蹄+ 黑森林蛋糕晚餐
• 法式晚餐

全程4⭐住宿(4晚意大利,2晚瑞士,1晚德国 , 3晚法国)


• Min. group size for confirmed departure: 15 pax.

• Tour is conducted in English 

• The sequence of the itinerary, flight schedules and hotels are subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

• Accommodations are based on the local star rating

• Factory Outlet may be replaced with another outlet to enhance the flow of itinerary.

• Activities are subjected to weather conditions.

•During major events, accommodation may be relocated to outside of the city or in another city without prior notice

• We strongly recommends you to purchase travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage 


From 2024 , nationals of any of these visa-exempt countries need to apply for ETIAS travel authorization at 7 Euros per application . The application will be valid up to 3 years or passport expires . Citizens of these countries are allowed to go into countries in the Schengen Zone for business or travel purposes for up to 90 days. During these 90 days, these visitors cannot work or study but can engage in business and tourism activities. All information on the application MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME as passport. Its the traveler responsibility to make sure application is in order before departure.

Australia , Canada , Hong Kong , Israel , Japan , Macao , Malaysia , New Zealand , Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan , UAE , United Kingdom , United States of America.

These are the European countries that will require a valid ETIAS upon arrival at their borders:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland


Spring ( Late Mar – May ): 10 – 20 °C

Summer ( Jun – Aug ): 20 – 30°C

Autumn ( Sep – Nov ): 14 – 18°C

Winter ( Dec – early Mar): -5 – 16 °C

Kindly do take note that the weather stated is subject to change. Please do kindly update from the internet prior departure


Countries do not need to apply for Schengen Visa : Singapore , Malaysia , Australia , Brunei , Hong Kong SAR , Japan , Israel , New Zealand, South Korea , Taiwan , UK , UAE , USA.

For Taiwan passport - Visa-free regime applies to holders of passports issued by Taiwan only if their passport contains an identity card number

For Hong Kong SAR passport : Visa-free regime applies only to holders of a “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” passport.

For other Nationalities , please do kindly consult our friendly sales team for advise.      

Documents needed to apply for visa : Original application form , one passport size recent photo with white background , original and photocopy work permit/blue NRIC, bank statement , employment letter with indication on salary per month , duration of employment , employment position , travel insurance , travel agent letter , travel agent flight itinerary and package tour itinerary.

For traveler who is not working and married to a Singaporean : Original and photocopy marriage certificate , sponsorship letter , sponsored person bank statement , original application form , one passport size recent photo with white background , original and photocopy blue NRIC , travel insurance , travel agent letter , travel agent flight itinerary and package tour itinerary.

For students - School letter , parents sponsorship letter , parents bank statement , original application form , one passport size recent photo with white background , original and photocopy student pass , travel insurance , travel agent letter , travel agent flight itinerary and package tour itinerary.

Note : All visa applicants have to go online to book an appointment for visa application and submit in person with a visa application fee payable . Travel agencies are not allow to submit on behalf. Requirements for visa application subject to change. 

Tipping Guideline: Based on 13D10N – €104 per person

Suggested Excursions: Additional activities that complement your holidays will be entirely optional

• Minimum group size may apply. Prices subject to change

• Gondola ( Venice ) : €150 per gondola  ( 5 pax in one gondola )

• Siena : €50

• Top Of Europe with Lunch  : CHF220/CHF180

• Rhine Falls  : CHF25

• Full day Paris Tour  : €110 

• La Seine Cruise  : €25


• 最低成行人数为 15 人

• 行程以英语解说

• 中英文行程若出现不符之处,将以英文版本为依据

• 行程、航班时间表和酒店的顺序如有更改,恕不另行通知

• 住宿酒店以当地的星级为准

• 购物村将于公共假期和星期天关闭,会因行程而做适当的调整,恕不另行通知

• 活动行程表会视天气情况而改变

• 在重大活动期间,住宿可能会搬迁到城外或其他城市,恕不另行通知

• 我们建议您为你的旅行购买旅游保险

EITAS 签证申请

自 2024 年起,上述免签证国家的国民需申请 ETIAS 旅行许可,每次申请费用为 7 欧元。申请有效期为 3 年或护照过期。这些国家的公民可进入申根区内的国家进行商务或旅行,最长期限为 90 天。在这 90 天内,这些游客不能工作或学习,但可以从事商务和旅游活动。申请表上的所有信息必须与护照完全一致。旅客有责任在出发前确保申请材料齐全。


这些欧洲国家要求在抵达其边境时出示有效的 ETIAS:


天气 :

春天 ( 三月底至五月 ) 10 - 20 °C

夏季 ( 六月 - 八月 ) 20 - 30°C

秋季 ( 九月 - 十一月 ) 14 - 18°C

冬季 ( 十二月 - 三月初): -5 - 16 °C


签证 :


*台湾护照 - 免签证制度只适用于台湾签发的护照持有人,如果他们的护照上有身份证号码。

*香港特别行政区护照:免签证制度只适用于 "香港特别行政区 "护照的持有人。


申请签证所需文件:申请表原件、一张护照尺寸的白底近照、工作证/蓝色NRIC原件和复印件、银行对账单、注明月薪的工作信包括工作时间、工作职位. 旅游保险、旅行社信、旅行社航班行程表和旅游行程表。


学生 - 学校信、父母担保信、父母银行对账单、申请表原件、一张护照尺寸的白底近照、学生证原件和复印件、旅游保险、旅行社信、旅行社航班行程表和旅游行程表。



13天10晚 – 每人104欧元

额外自费项目建议: 附加自费项目是可选性的,您是有绝对的决定权

•需最低成行人数 . 價格隨時更改

• 贡多拉(威尼斯):贡多拉 150 欧元(一个贡多拉内5人 )

• 锡耶纳:50欧元

• 欧洲之巅含午餐:220瑞士法郎/180瑞士法郎

• 莱茵河瀑布:25瑞士法郎

• 巴黎一日游:110欧元

• 塞纳河游轮:25欧元




Departure from Singapore Changi Airport

Assemble at Changi airport and take off to capital of Italy, Rome

Meals On Board


Welcome to Roma !! Proceed for an exciting tour of the eternal city - Rome. It is Italy's capital and the largest city with a huge concentration of history and monuments.

Travel to the independent city state located in the heart of Rome, The Vatican City. Step into the grand Pizza San Pietro, visit the largest church in the world, St Peter's Basilica which was built in the 16th century. Be awed by the impressive pieces of art including Michelangelo's The Pieta.

See the amazing Colosseum where it used to be the entertainment center of ancient Rome with a capacity of more than 70,000. View the Roman Forum while strolling , surrounded by the ruins of several ancient government buildings and shrines. See Piazza Venezia with its towering monument dedicated to the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. Continue to see the most famous and the city's largest Baroque fountain, Trevi Fountain. Take a leisure stroll to Piazza di Spagna where the Spanish Steps are located. 

Meals On Board / Dinner


Travel to the magnificent Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the birthplace of the Renaissance for a guided walking tour.

You will not miss the dome of the 15th century Duomo di Firenze as we will head towards to see its grandiose. Next see the Baptistry of Saint John, which stands in both Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Giovanna. See the Piazza Della Repubblica, one of the main squares in Florence. See the Palazzo Vecchio, which is the town hall of the city, overlooking the Piazza Della Signoria, which holds a copy of Michelangelo's David statue.

Continue our walk to Ponte Vecchio, also known as Old Bridge, the only bridge across the river Arno in the city until the 13th Century. 

*Note: Factory outlet close on local public holiday, outlet replacement is subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Breakfast / 4 Course Florentine Steak Dinner with Red Wine


Head to Pisa , a city and a commune in Tuscany region . Upon arrival , enjoy the sights of Piazza del Miracoli , the Baptistery of Saint John , the Duomo and the iconic Pisa Bell Tower , also known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Continue to Designer Outlet Noventa Di Piave for some shopping spree . Enjoy the best discounted prices on Prada, Gucci, Celine, Versace , Fendi, Balenciaga and many many more. Travel to Venice for overnight.

*Note: Factory outlet close on local public holiday, outlet replacement is subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Optional Excursion  : Siena , one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy. Located in the enchanting Tuscan landscape, its foundation is more or less legendary, and there are many hypotheses related to it 

Breakfast / Chinese Dinner


Transfer to Tronchetto to the famous City of Canals, Venice by private water taxi.

Upon arrival, set off on a guided tour with a view of one of the many bridges in Venice, the Bridge of Sighs before heading to St Mark's Square, famous for its magnificent Byzantine style St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Clock Tower, St. Mark Campanile etc.

Last but not least, see a long tradition that passed through generations in Venice that you mustn't miss to visit the Murano glass making factory to understand more about the beauty of its art. Spend some free time exploring the city.

Continue to Milan for an overnight stay.

Optional Excursion : Gondola, traditional narrow and long Venetian rowing boat. The boat is steered by one person called a gondolier with the help of one long oar



Starts the day with an orientation tour to the Fashion Capital of Italy, Milan 

The first stop of the day, see the Dukes of Milan' residence, Sforza Castle. Next stop, see the home of a famous Italian opera performance venue, the La Scala Opera House. Continue our stroll and walk through the living room of Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is known for Italian fashion brands and cafes. Continue our stroll to Piazza Del Duomo  where the Majestic Milan Cathedral, famous for its Gothic exterior facade. You will be awed by its grandeur.

After lunch , we will say goodbye to Italy and continue our journey towards north into Switzerland. Overnight stay at Leysin or surrounding areas

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Transfer to Col du Pillon for an exciting morning excursion  , hop on a scenic cable car  to the summit of Glacier 3000 . At the top, you will surely notice the summit station designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. The various look-out points at Glacier 3000 offer panoramic views of two dozen snow-capped peaks above 4000 meters of altitude: Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, the Matterhorn  and even Mont Blanc in the far distance. Feel the thrill on the Peak Walk by Tissot, the world’s first suspension footbridge spanning two summits. You may want to try the Alpine coaster at your own account , subject to snow conditions.  Continue to Lucerne for your city tour . During your orientation walk , be inspired by the impressive Lion Monument , dedicated to the Swiss Guards who died during the French Revolution. Visit the covered Chapel Bridge , the oldest bridge in Switzerland and the old town . In the old town , you will also find Bucherer , a fame duty free store in Switzerland. Continue our overnight at Interlaken region  

Breakfast / 4 Course Swiss Fondue Dinner


This morning free at leisure , you may want to walk around the little town of Interlaken or you may wish to join an excursion to Jungfraujoch. 

Continue to Titisee, better known as Black Forest Region. Over here, you have a chance to attend a cuckoo clock making demonstration, you will have free time strolling around picturesque Lake Titisee, explore the pretty little town, do some shopping before your sumptuous Pork Knuckle Dinner.

Optional Excursion :  Jungfraujoch, UNESCO- listed, a col and a glacial pass between the Jungfrau Mountain and the Mönch mountain. Jungfraujoch is also known as “Top of Europe”, because it’s the highest train station in Europe at 3,454 meters.

Breakfast / Pork Knuckle Dinner


Head to Alsace Region, France which borders Germany and Switzerland.

Drive pass the Vosges mountains and arrives Riquewihr, a medieval town right in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards and also the inspiration of Beauty and the Beast . It is known for its picturesque hillside vineyards, and a fairytale village which still retains its rustic archaic charm. Enjoy one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Enjoy a wine tasting in Riquewihr , after all the Alsace Wine Route is famous.

Proceed to Reims for overnight.

Breakfast / French Dinner


Travel to the capital city of France, Paris for a guided city tour. View the most famous icon of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, which was built for the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Stop at the Arc de Triomphe for photo taking. Continue to see the sights of Champs-Elysees, Place de la Concorde, the Grand and Petit Palais, the Pont Alexandre III, the National Assembly.

A visit to Fragonard Perfume Factory, a well known perfume brand in France. You will have a chance to buy different types of perfume or EDT.

After that head over to the biggest departmental store in Paris for shopping - Galeries Lafayette.

You may also wish to join an optional excursion to see Paris in a different way, the Seine River Cruise. If night life is for you, you may even want to join the Moulin Rouge Show excursion. 

*Note: Galeries Lafayette is closed on Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Labour Day

Optional Excursion : River Seine Cruise, romantic, offbeat, enchanting. A cruise on the River Seine is always an unforgettable moment.

Breakfast / Chinese Lunch



Free at leisure for some shopping or sightseeing in Paris.

You may even want to take up a full day excursion suggested by the Tour Manager.

Optional: Paris Full Day Tour (Tour Manager suggestion)



Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure till it is time to transfer to the airport for your flight home.




Thank you very much for choosing Nam Ho Travel as your preferred agent for your vacation. We hope to see you soon in near future. Have a pleasant rest. 


Departure from Singapore Changi Airport







飞机餐 / 晚餐






早餐 / 意式牛排晚餐


前往比萨,这是托斯卡纳地区的一座城市和自治市镇。抵达后,欣赏奇迹广场(Piazza del Miracoli)的景色,参观圣约翰洗礼堂、主教座堂和标志性的比萨斜塔,也被称为比萨斜塔。然后前往Designer Outlet Noventa Di Piave,享受购物狂欢。在那里您可以以最优惠的价格购买到Prada、Gucci、Celine、Versace、Fendi、Balenciaga等品牌的商品。随后前往威尼斯,过夜。



早餐 / 中式晚餐


抵达后,进行导览,欣赏威尼斯众多桥梁之一的叹息桥(Bridge of Sighs),然后前往圣马可广场(St. Mark's Square)。圣马可广场以其宏伟的拜占庭风格的圣马可大教堂(St. Mark's Basilica)、公爵宫(Doge's Palace)、圣马可钟楼(St. Mark's Clock Tower)、圣马可钟楼等而闻名。




早餐 / 午餐 / 瑞士芝士火锅晚餐


早餐 / 晚餐


早餐 / 晚餐


早餐 / 法式晚餐


早餐 / 中式午餐









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