9天7晚 全游九州


[FUKUOKA] • Dazaifu Tenmangu • Kirin Beer Factory • Canal City Fukuoka • Tenjin Underground Street • Yatai Street

[KITAKYUSHU] • Karato Market • Mojiko Retro • Kokura Castle • Kitakyushu Museum of Natural & Human History

[OITA] • Takachiho Gorge • Amanoiwato Shrine • Yufuin Floral Village • Beppu Hell Valley

[KAGOSHIMA] • Sakurajima Foot Bath • Arimura Lava Observatory • Sakamoto Black Vinegar Factory

[MIYAZAKI] • Sun Messe Nichinan • Udo Shrine

[IBUSUKI] • Flowing Somen Experience • Black Sand Bath • Sengan-en Garden • Shiroyama Park Observatory 

[KUMAMOTO] • Sakuranobaba Josaien • Suizenji Garden

[SAGA] • Unzen Onsen Street • Yutoku Inari Shrine • Arita Porcelain Park • Yoshinogari Historical Park

SPECIAL MEALS: • Flowing Somen Experience • Miyazaki Beef Special Set Meal • 10-course Kaiseki • Seafood Special Set

[福冈] • 太宰府天滿宮 • 麒麟啤酒园 • 博多運河城 • 天神地下街 • 屋台街

[北九州] • 唐户市场 • 门司港 • 小仓城 • 自然史博物館

[大分] • 高千穗峡谷及天岩戸神社 • 湯布院 • 别府地狱谷

[鹿儿岛] • 熔岩渚足浴公园 • 溶岩展望所 • 坂元黑醋厂

[宫崎] • 日南太阳花园 • 鹈户神宫

[指宿] • 流水面体验 • 黑沙浴 • 仙严园 • 城山公园展望台

[熊本] • 樱马场城彩苑 • 水前寺成趣园

[佐贺] • 云仙温泉道 • 祐德稻荷神社 • 有田陶瓷主题公园 • 吉野里历史公园

特别餐: • 流水面 • 宫崎牛肉套餐 • 10-道怀石料理• 海鲜套餐


Important Note:
• Minimum 15 passengers to move, 25 to have a tour leader. We reserve the right to arrange tour leader based on flight/any other conditions.
• Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
• The sequence of the itinerary, flight schedules and hotels are subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstance.
• Most hotels in Japan do not provide Double Bed. Additionally, Onsen Hotels usually provide tatami rooms only. Western style beds are strictly on request only.
• Seasonal Bonus (if any) is subject to weather condition and other unforeseen circumstances with no replacement or refund. 
• All the photos are for illustration purpose only. 
• Tour fare is not inclusive of tipping of JPY700 per person per day for tour guide and driver, as well as SGD$5 per person per day for tour leader (if applicable)

• 团体需要最少15人出发 / 25人有领队跟随
• 导游全程会以华语讲解为主, 除非另有注明。
• 中英文行程若出现不符之外, 将以英文版本为依据。
• 日本住宿一般不提供双人床且温泉酒店以榻榻米为主. 如果您需要住洋式床, 定团时请标注, 洋式房型占日本温泉酒店的小部分, 所有房型以当日入住酒店为主.
• 季节性红利景点大多会被天气影响, 如果行程无法进行, 将没有其他代替行程除非另有注明.
• 行程上的图片仅供参考而已。
• 导游及司机小费没包含在团费. 建议导游及司机小费是每人每天700日币, 领队小费每人每天新币$5. (如有安排领队)





Check in at Singapore Changi International Airport for your flight to Fukuoka Airport. 

Meals On Board


  • Yoshinogari Historical Park 

           One of the most fascinating historical sites in the country, takes you to a Japan before Tokyo, tea ceremonies and Kabuki theater. The sites have been preserved for future use as a nationally managed park.

  • Arita Porcelain Park 

           The main attraction is a full-size reconstruction of Germany's Zwinger Palace, a spectacular example of German baroque architecture of the early 18th century. 

  • Yutoku Inari Shrine 

            It is considered one of Japan's top three shrines dedicated to Inari alongside Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto and Toyokawa Inari Shrine in Aichi Prefecture.

  • Accommodation: Hotel & Resorts Saga-Karatsu or similar (Onsen Hot Spring

Lunch / Dinner


  • Unzen Osen Street  

           Unzen Onsen is a hot spring resort town near the peak of Mount Unzen. The resort is surrounded on several sides by hot spring fields.

  • Sakuranobaba Josaien 

           This area re-creates the bustling atmosphere of a seventeenth-century castle town, and is a great place to experience the food, culture, and history of Kumamoto.

  • Suizenji Garden 

           Suizenji Garden is a spacious, Japanese style landscape garden in Kumamoto, best enjoyed by strolling along a circular path. It was built by the Hosokawa family in the 17th century.

  • Accommodation: ANA Crowne Plaza Kumamoto New Sky Hotel or similar

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


  • Sengan-en Garden   

           Sengan-en is a traditional garden and stately home in Kagoshima built by the 19th head of the Shimadzu family, Mitsuhisa, in 1658.

  • Shiroyama Park Observatory 

            Shiroyama Park Observatory have a panoramic view of Sakura Island and the Kagoshima market area on Jinjiang Bay, with an excellent view.

            In 1877, it became the scene of fierce fighting in Japan's last samurai war, the "Southwest War"

  • Flowing Somen Experience 

           An experience most commonly found during summer, nagashi somen sees noodles flowing in cold water as you attempt to catch them before they zoom past.

  • Black Sand Onsen 

           Ibusuki's hot steam sand baths use hot spring water welling up under the beach to warm the bodies of bathers buried in the sand to the very core.

  • Accommodation: Ibusuki Seaside Hotel or similar (Onsen Hot Spring)

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


  • Sakurajima Foot Bath

            A foot bath 100 meters long located inside Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is one of the largest foot baths in Japan. 

  • Arimura Lava Observatory

            From here there is a clear view of impressive Sakurajima, the world-famous active volcano and Kinko Bay.

  • Black Vinegar Factory

           Visit and learn about the traditional method of making black vinegar, and take beautiful photos of the rows of black vinegar pots lying on the vast grass .

  • Udo Shrine

           This brightly painted shrine is set in a cave on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean and enjoys a spectacular view.

  • Sun Messe Nichinan

           This is a park symbolised by seven moai statues restored with permission from Easter Island - a unique sight in the world.

  • Accommodation: Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki or similar (Onsen Hot Spring

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


  • Takachiho Gorge 

            Takachiho Gorge is a valley formed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Aso long ago.

            The characteristic is that there are cliffs on both sides, and there is Manainotaki Falls with a drop of 17m.

  • Amano Iwato Shrine - the cave where Amaterasu hides when he is angry.
  • Yufuin Floral Village & Kinrin Lake 

            Yufuin Floral Village is a small town but surprisingly this Floral village brings back childhood memories of our favorite Japanese cartoons.

            Kinrinko Lake - is the most famous scenic spot in Yufuin, because half of it is clear water and half is a special form of hot spring.

  • Hell Valley (Blood and Sea Geysers only

            Beppu Hell Eight Views (Hell Parade) is a selection of eight ornamental hot springs with different styles in Beppu.

            Especially famous for its “hells,” (Jigoku), hot springs that reach over 100 degrees Celsius.

  • Accommodation: Hotel & Resorts Beppuwan or similar (Onsen Hot Spring)

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


  • Karato Market 

           Known as the local "kitchen", it is visited by many people every day. The biggest difference between here and Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is that anyone can buy.

  • Mojiko Retro 

           The Mojiko is also known as the Retro Historic District, a charming port town along the Kanmon Strait. 

  • Kokura Castle Park

           Kokura Castle was built in 1602 used to be the former residence of Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, but now it has been transformed into a castle park. 

  • Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History -

           The museum's main theme is “The Journey of Life”, and it presents the evolution of life on Earth alongside exhibits on human history.

           The museum's natural history section features approximately 4,500 exhibits, including fossils and other paleontological finds.

           *(If closed, replace by Kitakyushu Manga Museum) 

  • Accommodation: Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka or similar 

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


  • Dazaifu Tenmangu

           Dazaifu Tenmangu is one of the most important shrines in Japan and the head shrine of 12,000 Tenmangu shrines.

  • Kirin Beer Factory (Include beer tasting)

           Explore the process of beer from the perspective of raw materials to manufacturing process in an easy-to-understand manner.

           Then in the restaurant "Kirin Beer Farm", enjoy original beer and various delicacies.

           *(If closed, replace by Ishikura Sake Brewery with sake tasting) 

  • Canal City Hakata

           Called the "city within the city", a large-scale shopping mall with more than 200 brands of various commodities.

  • Tenjin Underground Street

           The whole site is about 600 meters long, running through the underground street of Tenjin, the largest bustling street in Kyushu, from north to south.

  • Yatai Street Food

           The yatai in Fukuoka City cover about 40% and they are part of the local food culture. Can find the unique Kyushu food at here.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka or similar

Breakfast / Lunch



  • Free at leisure till your airport transfer for your flight back to Singapore.
  • Thank you very much for choosing Nam Ho Travel as your preferred agent for your vacation. 
  • We hope to see you soon in the near future. 

Meals On Board / Breakfast






  • 吉野里历史公园   


  • 有田陶瓷主题公园 


  • 祐德稻荷神社 


  • 住宿:佐贺唐津酒店及度假村或同等级 (溫泉旅館

午餐 / 晚餐


  • 云仙温泉道  


  • 樱马场城彩苑 

           该地区重现了 17 世纪城下町的繁华氛围,是体验熊本美食、文化和历史的好地方。

  • 水前寺庭园 

           熊本县一座宽敞的日式园林,最适合沿着环形小径漫步。它由細川氏家族于 17 世纪建造。

  • 住宿:全日空皇冠廣場酒店熊本酒店或同等级

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐


  • 仙严园 


  • 城山公园展望台    


  • 流水面体验 


  • 黑沙浴


  • 住宿:指宿海滨酒店或同等级 (温泉旅馆

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐


  • 熔岩渚足浴公园


  • 熔岩展望所


  • 坂元黑醋厂


  • 鹈户神宫


  • 日南太阳花园


  • 住宿:宫崎全日空假日度假饭店或同等级 (温泉旅馆

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐


  • 高千穗峡谷   


  • 天岩戸神社 - 是天照大神生气时藏身的洞穴。
  • 湯布院 - 九州大分县的由布院汤布院)被日本OL票选为心目中第一名的旅游胜地。
  • 金鳞湖 - 金鳞湖是汤布院最著名的名胜,因为一半是清水一半是温泉的特殊形态。
  • 汤布院童话村 - 这个以英国科兹窝为模板打造的欧洲风童话小镇,很值得一访哟!
  • 别府地狱谷 (海地狱及血地狱)

           别府地狱八景(地狱巡游)是大分县别府市精选的个风格各异的温泉,尤其以其“地狱”(Jigoku而闻名,血地狱是温度超过 100 摄氏度的温泉。

  • 住宿:別府湾酒店及度假村或同等级 (温泉旅馆

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐


  • 唐户市场 


  • 门司港


  • 小仓城公园

           小仓城建江户时代初期的 1602 年。原为日本剑豪宫本武藏故居,现摇身一变,成为娱乐节目丰富多彩的城堡公园。

  • 自然史博物館

           博物馆以"生命之旅"为主题,展现地球生命的演化以及人类历史的发展。博物馆的自然史区展出大约 4,500 件展品,包括化石和其它古生物学方面的发现。


  • 住宿:福冈蒙特利拉苏瑞酒店或同等级 

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐


  • 太宰府天滿宮


  • 麒麟啤酒园 



  • 博多運河城                                    


  •  天神地下街                    


  • 屋台美食街


  • 住宿:福冈蒙特利拉苏瑞酒店或同等级

早餐 / 午餐



  • 自由活动至接送往机场办理登机手续乘搭客机飞返新加坡
  • 非常感谢您选择南和旅行社,希望您和我们一起度过一个愉快的旅程。
  • 我们也希望能很快再次和您出游。

飞机餐 / 早餐


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